Nelle Hens is a dancer, choreographer, Yoga teacher and Confidential Advisor. She studied dance at the Conservatory of Antwerp (2003-2006) and SEAD, the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (2009-2011). She performed in creations of Jan Martens ‘The Dog Days Are Over’, Jan Fabre ‘The Power Of Theatrical Madness’, Trisha Brown ‘Floor of the forest’ and ‘Accumulation’, Tom Struyf ‘Another great year for fishing’, ao.

Fascinated by the importance of self care, Nelle explores and deepens her artistic practices and language. In 2015 she initiated together with writer and media artist An Mertens weekly meditation sessions and silent gatherings in Brussels, named SJFN. Started a personal research on ‘ont-moeten’ and received in September 2016 a research grant from the Flemish Government. The outcomes of the explorations where shared in Momentum; BOUGEB 2017; reFLEXessions (2017); Het Bos with the support of DeTheatermaker (2017); and in Bouge Bouche with the support of CCDeSter (2017 – 2018).

In 2018 she initiated the cooperation ONT MOET. In which ONT MOET is both an artistic practice and a partnership. Central is a shared passion for movement and dance and notions such as artistry, self-care and exchange. ONT MOET works together with Sparkling Solutions and is currently supported by C-TAKT and De Veerman for the further development of her artistic work ’Nobody’ and ’No body’. And by CCDeSter for her collaboration with socially engaged art project ‘Bouge Bouche’. 

Nelle is a member of Artist Commons and ENGAGEMENT. She has followed the Thomas Gordon communication training on personal effectiveness, is a certified freelance  Confidential  Advisor and Vijñāna Yoga Teacher. ‘Vijñāna’ is when inner clarity is revealed through personal experience. 

Showreal Nelle Hens
Archiving movements of 2011 – 2018 Showreel of Nelle Hens as a dancer.

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