© Michel Robberechts


ONT MOET finds its root in the Dutch word ‘ontmoeten’, which means ‘to meet’. Splitting up the original word, it fundamentally changes meaning. The word game reveals the hidden ‘not having to’ at the heart of the encounter.

ONT MOET was initiated by Nelle Hens in 2018 and is both an artistic practice and a partnership. At the core is a shared passion for movement and dance, as well as reflections on artistry, self-care and exchange. We see ONT MOET as a fertile ground on which we, as autonomous artists, can collaborate.

Current team players are Nelle Hens, Stephanie Van Aken, Steven Michel, Sarah Lederman, Rasa Alksnyte, Jasper Delbecke and Michel Robberechts.



© Nick Chesnaye

ONT MOET works together with Sparkling Solutions, Verenigde Producties vzw and Artist Commons, and can count on the appreciated support of C-TAKT (Nobody and No body), CCDeSter (social artistic project Bouge Bouche) and De Veerman (No body).


Find here our first NEWSLETTER, May 2019

 onze eerste NIEUWSBRIEF, Mei 2019


 our second NEWSLETTER, Dec 2019

onze tweede NIEUWSBRIEF, Dec 2019

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