Vijñāna Yoga – Retreat

—> Retreats are on request, with a minimum of 8 participants, see below as an example to base yourself on.

Prices and schedule will be updated according to duration (weekend / week) of the retreat, possibilities and needs. You can reserve as a group or when interested as an individual to join other interested you can contact Nelle,

… Read more about Vijñāna Yoga and teacher.

–> Contact Nelle for more information and questions.

‘Just as the statue, already existing in the block of stone, is only revealed by the sculptor, so the causal activity only engenders the action by which an effect manifests itself, giving the illusion that it exists only in the present moment.’

Vijñânabhikshu’s comments on Sâmkyasûtras (Sâmkhya-Pravacana-Bhâshya)

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