Practice ONT MOET/ Dance
recorded in Cafe Capitale


Welcome to the second SKILL SHARE on Self Care. In teamwork with Engagement arts, Artist Commons Brussels. Hosted by Tessa Martin and Nelle Hens.

Sunday 24 February, 15:00 – 18:00
at Artist Commons, Rue des Pierres 8, 1000 Brussels

How can we remain involved, remain present, remain sane and healthy without crossing our personal boundaries? What can we do for ourselves on a daily basis to take more care? Nelle and Tessa will guide you through some of their personal generated tools and offer moments of silence, breathwork, gentle hands on and an open space for exchange.

More info you can find here: SKILL SHARE on Self Care

Performance: ‘NOBODY’

Can we meet without ‘having to’, past entrenched forms and expectations? ‘Nobody’, a 1-on-1 performance that invites a subtle shift of attention. From dancer to dance, from showing to allowing yourself to be seen.

Performance with BOUGE BOUCHE

Bouge Bouche is a social artistic project with immigrants, illiterate and 4th world people. Supported by CCDeSter Willebroek, Open School and artistic accompanists Bruno Verheyden and myself. Together we focus on how to create a safe environment for free movement, voice and no expectations.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 13.42.25

29 Maart 2019 in CCDeSter, Willebroek
8 June 2018 ‘ONT-MOETEN’ in CCDeSter, Willebroek

with Bouge Bouche and guest artist Benjamin Glorieux in CCDeSter, Willebroek

Residency in C-TAKT

Working on the creation of ‘Nobody’. Premiere 15 and 16 September 2018 in Genk. Save the date !


18 – 30 Juni in CCDommelhof, Neerpelt. With Steven Michel, Stephanie Van Aken and Rasa Alksnyte.

Creation and Performance: ‘Ont-moeten’ with BOUGE BOUCHE

8 June 2018: Social-Artistic Project, CCDeSter, Willebroek.
Initiative of CBE Open School, ATD 4th world, ArgosOpen School and CCDeSter.

With guest artist Benjamin Glorieux !

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Residency in C-TAKT

Focus of residency: Creation ‘Nobody’

9 – 12 May, 18 – 30 Juni  in CCDommelhof, Neerpelt

With Steven Michel, Stephanie Van Aken and Rasa Alksnyte

With the support of C-TAKT

Residency in C-TAKT

Focus of residency: Practicing ‘De dans Ont-Moet’. Follow me in my residency and have an insight on my practice of ‘GIVING A DANCE’

19-23 Februari in CCDommelhof, Neerpelt

With the support of C-TAKT

Contact Improvisation festival

The unknown hides an infinity of possibilities within. ‘What if’ we let go of our expectations towards ourselves? ‘What if’ we question the rules we were taught about how to make a ‘beautiful’ dance? ‘What if’ we let go of our judgment or conception of what is a ‘good’ dance? What if we dance without expectations for marvels or spectacle? We invite you to come and fail with us

CI Meeting MaayanIsraeli Contact Improvisation festival, Greenhouse 14-19 Dec | City Time: 21-23 Dec Workshop, 16 December 2017:Meeting and teaching with Ma’ayan Choresh.

Performance: Ont moet ‘Toverstroming’

Meeting with Ann Van Dessel and her poetry

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2 December 2017,  Parochiekerk, Haacht.

Lecture Performance

17-22 Oktober 2017: Residence Het Bos, Antwerp
22 Oktober, Lecture Performance, Het Bos, Antwerp

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Meeting and sharing practices in NEWFOUNDLAND. A fertile ground for artistic research and dialogue. Inspired by permaculture and the practice of growing and cultivating collectively.

NEWFOUNDLAND  (c) Uzana Zabkova

1 on 1 Ont-moeting, with witnesses

28 April 2017, R E F L E X e s s i o n s in Atelier Mommen, Brussels. Interview with Radio Panik.Experiment: 1 op 1 ont-moeting, met getuigen

Nelle Hens ont-moet Benjamin Vandewalle

Workshop Ont-Moet and artistic experiment ‘1 on 1 ont-moeting’
17, 20, 25 March 2017, BougeB and Momentum, DeSingel, Antwerp.

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