Yoga Lessons

(c) Chiara Canullo Stefanelli

Below you find the weekly lessons on Monday (or Tuesday) evening in Brussels.

The classes are hosted in an intimate setting of minimum 4 students to maximum 8 students per class. Practicing with regularity is advised as in this way you will have more benefit from the classes.

The classes are meant for all levels (beginners and advanced). You are invited to practice within your own abilities and adapt the poses to your body instead of the body to the poses.

In case you are not familiar with yoga or my teaching and are looking for a taste, you can contact Nelle, or register for a single class.

WEEKLY YOGA lessons 2022 – 2023

MONDAY EVENINGS (beginning and all levels)
| 18:45 – 20:15 AM | Namahn, Sint-Joost-ten-Noode (Brussels) 

Monday 8 May
Monday 15 May
Monday 22 May
Monday 29 May
Monday 5 June
 -> Tuesday 13 June
Monday 19 June 
Monday 26 June
Monday 3  July

Namahn, Grensstraat / Rue de la limite 21, 1210 Brussels

- you can bring your own yoga material or use the yoga material of Namahn (mats, blocks, blankets, belts). 
- comfortable layered clothing.
- if you are using a deodorant, only use an odourless deodorant and come without perfume.

Note: It is recommended to come 10 minutes in advance. Allow enough time to change clothes (if needed) and arrive at the studio mentally and physically. It will improve the effectiveness of the class.

€ 19,- for a single lesson
€ 102,-  for 6 lessons card (valid for 1,5 months)  
€ 180,-  for 12 lessons card (valid for 3 months)   
Reserve by 

about the 
class and teacher.

Read more about Vijñāna Yoga classes and teacher.

–> Contact Nelle for more information and questions.

‘Never sacrifice the center for elongation.’

Orit Sen-Gupta

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