Sharing practices

How not to just show anything, but rather share the embodied. With my practice, I hope to create a platform to offer dance, to reach people and inspire self-reflection. I want to create a safe environment for surrender, to create a potential mystical experience of a moment. A meeting where you can meet, interconnect and become bigger than yourself.

Below are the ways in which I am currently able to share my practice so that it can be most beneficial to each person I meet:

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Ont-moet (c) Rasa Alksnyte


Not the dancing ‘for’, but with the intention of ‘giving’ a dance. From dancer to dance; from body to movement; from shape to energy; from being untouchable to vulnerability; from showing to allowing yourself to be seen. In this 1 on 1 ritual meeting, I invite you to let go of the expectations you have towards yourself. With a duration of one hour and upon request.






I offer guidance, tools and workshops of Ont-Moeten. Dance. Meditation and Vijnana Yoga. Individual and in group.

“My mission is to inspire people to reconnect to their personal and bodily space in which movement can flow effortlessly in exchange with their environment. I offer anchor points and tools to trust movement and motion. Embedded in softness, subtlety and clarity, I encourage people to dance from within.” – NH

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