Lecture Performance

Lecture Performance, An insight and sharing practices of ont-moeten.
22/11/2017 in Het Bos, Antwerp.

WITH: Nelle Hens
WITH Artistic guidance: Rasa Alksnyte

WITH FINANCIAL SUPPORT OF: the Government of Flanders and DeTheatermaker

THANKS TO: Bart Alders, Florence Augendre, Hugo Bergs, Elisabeth Borgermans, Roeland Broeckaert, Maarten Claeys, Gonda Cleynhens & Peter Claeys, Marcella Coomans, Raf Coenjaerts, Wannes De Cre, Jasper Delbecke, Isabelle Demeester, Klaas Freek Devos, Inge Haeyaert, Jos Hens & Dimpke Vandeperre, David Helbich, Els Herremans, Ma’ayan Horesh, Carolien Jongbloed, Lilach Livne, Jan Martens, Karlien Meganck, Cherish Menzo, An Mertens, Marleen Mertens & Jan Hens, Klaartje Oerlemans, Barbara Raes, Marnix Rummens, Elsemieke Scholte, Orit Sen-Gupta, Tom Struyf, Elke Van Campenhout & Stijn Smeets, Griet Van Bauwel, Dorian Van der Brempt, Benjamin Vandewalle, Pieter Willems and others.

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