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Here you will find a range of weekly yoga classes, intensives and retreats according to the tradition of Vijñāna Yoga. This for both beginners and experienced practitioners, off and online.

Inner clarity that comes from personal experience is central to the practice of Vijnana Yoga. It is an exercise of mind and body that strives for simplicity and at the same time precision in posture and breathing. The practice starts from a deep inner listening and a clear and expanded view.

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‘Binding the consciousness to the body, without a goal, is refreshing, like lemonade on a terribly hot day. It offers relief from the tumult of our modern yet bloated consciousness, mercilessly driven by the plenty around it.

It is so simple to stay with the posture, or focus on a place within the body, so unmysterious. There is no promise of gain or some deep expansive thought. What a relief.’

Sitting with the body by Orit Sen-Gupta, founder of Vijñāna Yoga

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