De dans ONT-MOET


An insight in my practice of ‘De Dans Ont-moet’. Where the dance doesn’t have to … and meets. ‘Ont-moeten is a Dutch word game in which lays a fundamental shift: Ontmoeten is Dutch for ‘to meet’ and when you split it in two, it becomes ‘not having to’. Only from the moment we detach ourselves from our expectations towards ourselves, we open a space to meet the Other.

GIVING A DANCE – ‘I would like to give you a dance.’ How not to just show anything, but rather share the embodied? Not the dancing ‘for’, but with the intention of ‘giving’ a dance. From dancer to dance; from body to movement; from shape to energy; from being untouchable to vulnerability; from showing to allowing yourself to be seen.


Residency Chez Georges, 2017



At Home, 2018


Residency in C-TAKT, 2018

19-23 Februari in CCDommelhof, Neerpelt
Focus: Practicing ‘De dans Ont-Moet’
With the support of C-TAKT


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