Bouge Bouche en Nelle Hens

Bouge Bouche is a social artistic project with immigrants, illiterate and 4th world people. Supported by CCDeSter Willebroek, Open School. Together we focus on how to create a safe environment for free movement, voice and no expectations.

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2016-2018: ‘Ont-moeten’. Performances in 2016, 2017 and June 2018, CCDeSter, Willebroek, Belgium. With artistic team: Nelle Hens, Bruno Verheyden and guest artist Benjamin Glorieux

 2018-2019: ‘Wat ons raakt’. Performance on 29 March 2019, CCDeSter, Willebroek.  With artistic team: Nelle Hens, Bruno Verheyden and guest artist Benjamin Glorieux

2019-2020: ‘JA!’ Performance on 27 March 2019, CCDeSter, Willebroek                          With artistic team: Nelle Hens, Bruno Verheyden and Patricia Van Cutsem.


In Bouge Bouche, Nelle focuses on how to create a safe environment for free movement, voice and no expectations’. For the evening full performance ‘Ont-moeten‘ (2018) , we have build a framework to host an audience and invite them in.

‘A strong focus goes on ‘how’ the event is created, to facilitate ‘connection, exchange and growth’. To shine a light on the horizontal network of all collaborators that are involved, carry and broaden the event. I believe that by embodying the intention of ‘ont-moeten’ throughout the whole working process, will make the movement reach the audience in its full potential. -Nelle Hens  


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Research questions 2018 – 2019

How do we translate from back office to front office? The link between inner and outer space? In ourselves and with each other? In a group and with the audience? How can we work process based in a group and at the same time create an entrance for the audience?

Touching of the inner space with the outer space, from ourselves with the environment and therefore each other, and in the end, the audience. The intention is to create a bridge between back office and front office. 

The goal is to encourage trust and a feeling of equality. Independant from physical weight, role or appearance. This also encourages a feeling of bonding in authenticity, and facilitates exchange. Literally, it expresses itself in touching, the exchange of weight, balance between the bodies and being inspired by the others in the moment itself. This results in a flow, a dance, an improvisation. Where the pieces fall together with the whole. 


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The event was picked up by the press: Lynn Claerhout writes about Bouge Bouche in Wablieft.

Research questions 2019 – 2020

Working on Assertiveness, Autonomy in Connection.  And touching the theme of TRUST, Bouge Bouche presents  ‘JA !’ on 27 March 2019 in CCDeSter, Willebroek. With artistic team: Nelle Hens, Patricia Van Cutsem and Bruno Verheyden.

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Based on the previous explorations Bouge Bouche continues to build its pathway and worked this year with a focus on improvisation. In doing so, we venture out for something completely new, whereby our guidance became “making conscious choices”. Assertiveness to say “yes” or “no”: it does not always seem obvious. Making choices that are truly your own, while leaving room to invite others to choose for themselves. More self-confidence and increased assertiveness are the most tangible results according to the testimonials of participants.

With the performance “JA !”, Bouge Bouche brings their discoveries to the public in a playful way.

For reservations, contact CC De Ster, 03 866 92 00 of




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