Nobody, a one on one performance

Nobody is a site-specific 1 on 1 performance which takes place in a hotel. In a rotation system, built around a ritual structure, the performers welcome visitors in a hotel room. Two rooms, two dancers. Each of them practices “meeting” and giving a dance to someone from the audience. Not dancing “for”, but with the intention of “giving” a dance. From dancer to dance; from body to movement; from form to energy.

Nobody premiered in September 2018 during C-TAKT#2 at the C-Mine in Genk. And performed in February 2019 in Beyond the Black Box, at De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam.

The event was picked up by the press: Josje Kerkhoven writes in Rekto Verso about our performance at Beyond the Black Box

Teaser of ‘Nobody’

Nobody (c) ONT MOET

Film by Sarah Lederman.
Performers: Nelle Hens, Steven Michel and Stephanie Van Aken.
Photography: Rasa Alksnyte
Guest audience: Rita Declerck and Frans Van Zaelen.

Co Production by Sparkling Solutions.
With the support of C-TAKT, Artist Commons and De Auteurs.

With thanks to all who joined us in the exchange !

In case you are interested in experiencing ‘Nobody’ or would like to book the performance, please contact Nelle.

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