[ENG] Nelle Hens is an artist and fascinated by movement and rest and the facilitation of dynamic stability. She is a certified dancer, choreographer, Vijñāna Yoga Teacher and confidential advisor. Regardless the form of her practices, she sees them grow from an inner listening. Her personal yoga practice is forming the foundation on a daily basis for this and supports Nelle to move from within and act more skilfully into the world.

Nelle studied dance at the Conservatory in Antwerp (Artesis, 2003-2006) and SEAD, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (2009-2011) and danced in performances by Trisha Brown, Jan Fabre and Jan Martens, among others. As a choreographer and dancer she worked with theatermaker Tom Struyf and composer Joris Blanckaert, ao.

In 2015 a personal research on ‘ont-moeten*’ and received in September 2016 a research grant from the Flemish Government. The results of the explorations were shown in Momentum; BOUGEB 2017; reFLEXessions; Het Bos with the support of DeTheatermaker; Bouge Bouche with the support of CCDeSter and this blog.

*Ont-moeten finds its root in the Dutch word ‘ontmoeten’, which means ‘to meet’. Splitting up the original word, it fundamentally changes meaning. The word game reveals the hidden ‘not having to’ at the heart of the encounter.

In 2018 she initiated ONT MOET, both an artistic practice and a partnership. Central is a shared passion for movement, dance and notions such as artistry, self-care and exchange.

About team ONT MOET

What can I offer?

  1. Dance performances / artistic productions and moments of experience .
  2. Co-creative processes within your organization .
  3. Yoga classes, series, intensives, retreats for both beginning and experienced students, individually and in groups.
  4. External confidential counselor within your organization .
  5. A listening ear and sounding board if you are struggling mentally or if you are looking for more connection with yourself and/or your work environment within the performing arts and music (WeListen).

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