Vijnana Yoga at Citizen Corner


Inner clarity that comes from personal experience is central to the practice of Vijnana Yoga.
It is an exercise of mind and body that strives for simplicity and at the same time precision in posture and breathing. The practice starts from a deep inner listening and a clear and expanded view.


The offer is for all levels. If something doesn’t suit you, you can adjust the exercise or simply skip it. The atmosphere of the lesson is in encounter, an invitation to ‘not having to’ for a while and just meet with yourself.

Practicing with regularity is advised as in this way you benefit more from the classes.


* Open lessons on 6, 13 Sept, 22 and 29 Nov 2021

* Serie of 8 classes on 20, 27 Sept, 4, 11, 18, 25 Oct, 8, 15 Nov 2021

* Serie of 8 classes on 6, 13, 20 Dec 2021, 10, 17, 24, 31 Jan 2022, 7 Feb 2022

-> GIFT: The open lesson on 6 of September will be a try-out lesson in the new space and free of charge ! A contribution for the space is welcome.


– a yoga mat.
– a seat cushion, yogablock or a thick book to support you while seated.
– a blanket to wrap yourself in and keep your body warm at rest.
– comfortable clothing is recommended.
– if you are using a deodorant, only use an odourless deodorant and come without perfume.It is recommended to come 10 minutes in advance. Allow enough time to change clothes and arrive at the studio mentally and physically. It will improve the effectiveness of the class.


Nelle Hens is fascinated by movement and rest and the facilitation of dynamic stability. She is a certified Vijñāna Yoga Teacher. Her personal yoga practice is forming the foundation on a daily basis to move from within and act more skilfully into the world.
The lessons take place in English and when only Dutch or only French speakers are present, the lesson can take place in Dutch or French.


€ 15, – for one lesson
€ 100,- for one serie of 8 lessons


Please reserve in advance and send an email to Nelle, with title “Yoga – your name”.


about the class and teacher:

about Citizen Corner:

Contact Nelle,

Dive within and expand your view at Citizen Corner.

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