Teaching Practices

With gratitude to my teachers for their love, support and guidance ‘to understand with feeling’, …

I pass on the gifts I received.



Workshop Ont-Moet is based on my personal experiences, body-practices and research of selfcare, connecting and silent gatherings. I offer tools for listening and allowance.  Upon request.


Exploring and practicing meditation, pranayama (breathing), moving through different asanas (yoga postures) and studying the written tradition of yoga. Vijnana Yoga is practicing, feeling and understanding from the inside, build on the 7 following principles: relaxing the body, quietening the mind, intent, rooting, connecting, breathing and expending.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 21.48.33.pngI m happy to practice with you, share my experiences and give you guidance. Individually, as well as in group. Upon request !

Next series, a – C Yoga:

Roz, Hugo and Nelle teamed up to share their practices and teach weekly yoga classes. a – C Yoga is happy to announce a new series of Vijnana Yoga classes from February on.

Save the dates 

Mondays | February 4 – April 1 2019 I
9:00 – 10:30 | Vijnana Yoga (Nelle)
at House VDH, Rue des Pierres 6, 1000 Bruxelles
10 euros per class | 5 classes for 40 euros | weekend sessions 15 euros | half price for a – C members



SJFN are weekly meetings in which everyone is welcome. Meditating in group makes it easier to turn inside and go into connection with your inner self and with others. SJFN creates relationships of trust in a non-verbal way. Our sessions are open to beginners. With only a few indications you’re already on track!

Interested to join us, follow this link SJFN. and/or join us in our facebookgroup.

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